Can You Drink Soda With Braces


Getting braces is a good, right and hard decision to make; so If you’re going to get new Teeth braces or you are already putting them on, it is essential to learn some new habits which will help you see better results in a shorter time. Not just that, your treatment may fail if you take the wrong outfit. One of the most common questions that pop-up in people with Teeth braces heads’ is: can you drink soda with braces?.

Next, we will see an overall idea about why you should avoid some drinks. Furthermore, I will suggest some tips, you could use when you have a strong desire to indulge them.

Drinks To Avoid With Braces

Teeth straightening is a long journey. It will take time and some effort to get the results that you want. thus, people with teeth braces have to sacrifice following a serious diet to avoid destroying their dream of getting a beautiful smile.

Soda & Fizzy Drinks & Fruit Juice

The general rule is to avoid sugary things whether they are foods or beverages, but when it comes to soda and fizzy drinks in general, they are very dangerous for your teeth. They contain too much sugar and acid which will end up damaging your teeth. I have underlined those words because it is important to know that soda, unlike solid foods, does not damage directly your Teeth Braces’ wires or brackets, but it badly harms your teeth. Likewise, juice contains a lot of sugar too, which stick on your teeth surface ruining your teeth in the long run.

can you drink soda with braces

Moreover, when you drink soda or fruit juice, your whole teeth will be affected; except the surface under the teeth braces. And because of that, when you get your braces off it will leave marks on your teeth. Doctors said that those marks are very hard to remove and they may take a long time to disappear.

How Do Sugar And Acid Harm Your Teeth

Drinking soda, fruit juice or any other sugary drinks, leaves sugar trace on your teeth. Guess what! , The bad bacteria living in your mouth feed on it, producing acid which damage the shiny shield protecting your teeth “ called; tooth enamel “, and the final result is a cavity in your tooth or decay. This is not the only damage sugar and acid could make, the outcomes might be different, you may develop what called dental plaque which damages your gums too.

Tips To Drink Beverages Without Hurting Your Teeth

Use a straw to drink that helps a lot because drink goes straight to your throat instead of switching in all your mouth.

Rinse with a sip of water after you drink soda or Sugar to clean your mouth of the acid and sugar traces.

Finally, I don’t say that you can’t drink them at all, but you have to do it carefully and to be prepared for the consequences. Because Teeth braces are not chip, and they need time.

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