Power Chain Braces, What Do You Know About Them?


Power chain braces, rubber bands, wire, retainer, and more orthodontic’s vocabulary which make you confused when it comes to Teeth braces. You have already made the big step having braces on. The more important thing now is how to keep your teeth and braces safe along the process.

Power chain braces

Power Chains On Braces

For your teeth health and adjustment, connected elastic rows being used as power chains in the orthodontics field to facilitates different issues. Recently, and because of the ease and flexibility it offers, This kind of treatment has grown widely and becomes popular.

When do you get power chains on braces?

To be clear power chains are not something you need at the beginning of your teeth treatment, but it is a tool used after putting braces on and after everything is kind of lined up. Therefore, if everything is going Ok why would you need them on your Braces?

What do power chains do?

Power chain Braces’ main purpose is to closing gaps between teeth. Of course, if you have them before starting Teeth braces treatment (Some people have space between teeth naturally, others because of tooth extraction). Sometimes, your orthodontist uses them to hold your teeth tight and keep the space (Gaps) closed if there is no space at all before starting the treatment. that’s because space could be developed throughout the treatment later on.

How does a power chain works?

Coming to the most asked question about the subject, how does a power chain works?.  The orthodontic power chain simply adds tension between all the teeth. The pressure forces them to move toward each other making the space close. To understand more you have to know a little how teeth move, if you’re interested in that watch the video below: Teeth Movement.


What Are Power Chains?

Orthodontic Power Chains are connected strings of ligatures (elastics) Stuck together, which make them easy to adjust and control. usually, power chains are made from elastics. However, a metal twisted set can be applied in some cases according to the informality of teeth.

The difference between typical elastics and power sounds is that the first fit individually over the bracket, however, the power chain makes the whole brackets connected .power chain run entirely across your teeth.

the standards of orthodontists on how to choose the best technics to use is due to the patient teeth case, in some cases, power chain is the appropriate choice, other will have traditional ligatures around the brackets, however, the fusion of these two allows orthodontists to expand the treatment outcomes.

The main task of the power chain is dealing with the space between teeth, closing and shortening space either natural space or after tooth extraction. The force applied in the power chain speed up the treatment period and make it less Annoying in contrast to brackets and archwire. On the other hand, a verity of dental anomalies and problems can be fixed and corrected with more efficiency and accuracy such as Misalignments, Malocclusions, and Crooked teeth.

Characteristics of power chains

Power chains are placed according to each patient’s teeth size, space, deformity and other options are included to determine what best approach fits your dental set.

The diameter is very important, how widely the space of the links on the chain would be, so the orthodontist will determine the appropriate diameter between the center of each loop, either the interlink space which deals with a bracket or space between each tooth either closed or short or even long distance.

The period of treatment

The time of this treatment depends on each individual case. Usually, the treatment is between six months and six weeks, thus, there is no exact length on when to remove it. It is all up to your orthodontist decision and your teeth state.

Is age matter?

unlike other treatment, anyone can have power chains, someone’s age is not an issue here, due to the amazing characteristics, no one will complain to this method.


Color matters for a lot of peoples, so the orthodontists will help you choose from a different set of colors according to your lifestyle. Resistant colors such as silver and transparent are the best in resisting different changes due to your diet and food habits.


Like any other dental treatment, you will feel discomfort when a force applied to your teeth but this will soon go as fast as the orthodontist adjusts them .the dentist will show you how to take care of it and to manage the habits of your daily meals and which food to eat and which to avoid, all that to your good benefit.


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