Questions People with Teeth Braces Asks


Maybe you know plenty of people with teeth braces, perhaps you’re one of them yourself. Braces may be pretty standard, but there are actually a lot of facts about them you may not know.

Here are the answers to your burning new braces questios :

  • How long do braces stay on ?

Your overall treatment time will depend on your specific orthodontic problem, how severe it is and which type of braces you opt for. In gеnеrаl, people are in braces for 12 to 30 months.

  • Can you eat cereal with braces ?

Once you are wearing teeth braces, crunchy cereals can be risky with braces as you can break a bracket or pull the wire out.

  • Candy you can eat with braces ?

If you have braces and a sugar craving comes along, you might be tempted to sink your teeth into an oozy, gooey candy bar.But can you eat candy with braces?.If you have had to ask yourself this question, the answer probably isn’t too surprising.

Candies are bad for you,  wethether you have braces or not.It is loaded with sugar, which is carbohydrate. Carbohydrates are what fuel the bacteria on your teeth to produce acids that cause tooth decay to form.

  • Can you eat peanut butter with braces?

Peanut butter ( preferably creamy) and jelly sandwiches are fine, but make sure to brush your teeth after eating.

  • Can i eat popcorn with braces?

It is highly recommanded that you should not eat popcorn while wearing teeth braces.As you know, when you chew popcorn, it breaks up into small pieces and can fit into any space between your teeth.

It may not seem like it, but popcorn is the single worst thing you can eat in your case.

  • Can you eat chips with braces?

Chips can break off and get lodged between your wires and teeth too. If you bite into a chips, your teeth will hurt.

  • Can you eat chocolate with braces?

If you have teeth braces you can eat soft chocolate but hard chocolate should be avoided .

  • Can you eat pizza with braces?

You can still eat pizza. Soft-crust is ideal; Eating pizza with braces is not a problem as long as it doesn’t contain anything hard or sticky, such as burnt crust.



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